The face of God

When I saw your face, it was as the face of God smiling on me. Genesis 33:10, The Message translation of the Holy Bible Have you ever greeted someone with these words? Or thought something like them, when you’ve seen someone approach? You’ve probably considered some similar kind of joy when you’ve met a friend. … More The face of God

Where’s church?

Is church a building that some folks go to on Sunday, Saturday, Wednesday, or Friday?  Is it a place or thing that some people love, some people hate, others avoid and others still can’t seem to find the ‘right’ one?  Is it an experience dependent on the charisma of the pastor, rabbi, imam or sheikh? … More Where’s church?

What am I a #hashtag for?

Twitter users often type a # sign to mark the following word as significant and easily searchable for anyone looking for specific topics.  Called hashtags, these symbols essentially call attention to one’s specific post, like shining a spotlight, that anyone could fairly easily search for.  Some hashtags, like #enjoythisday or simply the word #peace, help people … More What am I a #hashtag for?