Published Writing

In addition to the posts published on this site, I have written for the Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel, as well as online ventures of those magazines, all of which are published by The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. All of these are archived on JSH-Online, a collection of all articles and testimonies of healing published by the Christian Science Church’s Publishing Society. Enjoy browsing and sharing these and all the resources available online.

An open invitation – June 2018

Angels that protect and guide – May 2018

Tackling peer pressure – with prayer – April 2018 (part of a teen Q&A series)

Finding – and following – our calling – April 2018 (published in the Christian Science Perspective section of the Christian Science Monitor)

The way I really am – February 2018

Finding home in letting our light shine – January 2018 (published in the Christian Science Perspective section of the Christian Science Monitor)

Quiet, humble prayer brings healing (testimony of healing) – January 2018

Safe from the storm – October 2017 (part of a teen Q&A series)

Navigate through life with Truth – October 2017

No Maze of Many Minds – April 2017

The Ultimate Relationship – January 2017 (part of a teen Q&A series)

Glorify God – A Reliable Basis for Healing – December 2016

Injured Ankle Healed (testimony of healing) – November 2016
Here is a translation of this testimony in Indonesian

My True North – September 2016 (part of a series for teens on ‘Why I’m a Christian Scientist‘)

From History to His Story – September 2012

Healing and Spiritual Awakening (testimony of healing) – September 2012

From Fear to Love of Horses – September 2012

Are We Ever Really Trapped? – March 2012

The Warmth of Church – March 2012

Finding Balance, On and Off the Slopes – May 2011

Worthy of God’s Love? – April 2011

An Always Present Love – September 2010

Erase the Pain of the Past – Featured on this episode of the Christian Science Sentinel Radio Edition, January 2004