Does God only love Christians?

cathedral in albi, france
Does God only live in here?

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of pictures and posts on Facebook alleging that shootings, bullying, or any number of tragic or thoughtless events are just what we get when we take God out of schools, workplaces, or government.

Do we have the power to put God in a school, or to take Him out? Does God depend on whether or not employers or politicians say the Lord’s Prayer, or on if they see the Ten Commandments every day? If so, this makes God a very conditional God indeed.

Now, if this does line up with your concept of God, I’m not here to try to change your mind. In fact, regardless of what you believe, I’d love to have a conversation with you (through the comments, or you can email me) about how and why you understand God the way you do. However, in this blog, and considering the prevalence of that particular conditional view, I’d like to share a bit of how I understand and love God.

What if God isn’t anthropomorphic? What if God is actual, divine, Life itself – is actually good itself?

I don’t see God as a polite man who backs away when someone doesn’t want to say the Lord’s Prayer. The redeeming, healing power of God’s love isn’t limited to folks who say or even know a particular passage from the Bible. Rather, God is divine Love itself.

shepherd in kalavryta, greece
What if God shepherds and loves everything and everyone?

God is not confined to specific letters or combinations of words. God is ever present – and a deeper and more lived and loved understanding of this always brings healing. Healing is the revealing of what God has already done. Why shouldn’t we give our consent to trusting and loving God more than we trust and love anything else? Why should we give our consent to believing that we could limit God – that, essentially, we are more powerful than God?

Here’s a story from a man who, even though he started off having no interest in God, experienced full healing from a variety of physical problems. Now he’s devoted his life to a public healing practice (as have I and thousands of others around the world).

As always, this blog isn’t meant to be the end of the conversation! Please share your thoughts and questions and let’s see what we can discover together.

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