There’s good all around!

Today, I’m very grateful for all the opportunities we have, where we can enjoy the good that others have shared and realize more clearly that we have that same good to share.

This is certainly sort of a continuation of the theme from my last post!

I love seeing the good that others share!  It reminds me of the good that I can share, as well.  Why?  Because “their” good is sourced in the same Cause as “my” good: God.  God did not divide up goodness for some, success for others, attractiveness for others, and slick business skills for others.  God IS, and therefore, God is expressed – in good, love, joy, for all.  So every time I see good in someone else, or get to appreciate the good that another person is sharing, I get to revel with them in OUR good.

The great thing is, this rejoicing is not conditional on being able to go hang out in some thriving downtown, or being savvy with using social media, or being in some (supposedly) “model” family or relationship.  God never separates you from all His good, from any of Her substance, and along with that good comes the perfect opportunity to witness and express.

Today, will you join me in loving to see good, to share good, and to trust the presence of good?

You might enjoy this fun, inspirational and illuminating video that a friend shared with me today.

Enjoy this great day!


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