Light just shines – no justification needed!

Today, I’m feeling very grateful for the thoughtfulness of others.

Last Friday, we had dinner with some good friends, and then hung out at their house. It was of course really great to see these friends again, but I really appreciated some specific aspects of our time together.

Our friends told us they had been holding off on going to this restaurant because they know we really like it, and they were looking forward to going with my wife and I. I was so touched by this simple, thoughtful act of kindness. Was it a necessary thing? Well, I suppose that’s not really the point! Often, I realized, I let ‘necessary’ or other justifications get in the way of just simply being kind and letting my light shine. But light just shines! It doesn’t worry about how many clouds there are, or how many people will see it, or if it’s shining in a ‘useful’ place. Light’s simple nature is just to shine – to be the effect of the sun. I see more clearly now that it is my natural right and purpose to simply shine, as the expression of God, good – as we all are – and nothing can truly prevent us from that shining.

I love that, when we are more clear on the nature of our Source, God, then it is just so natural to know ourselves as well. And from there, we get to realize that nothing can stop us from being who we are: the whole, loved, loving, expressions of God. God, good, informs everything about us – our health, happiness, and security does not depend on changing circumstances, but on the simple fact of our identity as the effect of God.

I’m so grateful that these important, healing messages became clearer to me through this fun evening with friends! Every moment is an opportunity to learn more of God and God’s love.

3 thoughts on “Light just shines – no justification needed!

  1. It’s so easy to forget to be grateful; it’s too easy to be anchored-down by life’s seemingly mundane details. Your posted certainly lifted me today!

    1. Dave, thanks for your comment! I’m very glad you enjoyed this post. Yes, there seem to be many attractions, distractions, or weights that would keep us from shining…but it’s our very nature to be the expression of good! Nothing can hold us back – we already are assured of victory.

      Enjoy this great day!

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