Is gratitude relevant?

Today, I’m very grateful for the assurance that this ‘gratitude series’ is not a dumb idea!

I got a comment yesterday on my previous post, asking that I please make a more relevant and longer blog entry. This comment was automatically filed under the spam filter, and there I left it. (A quick note: I have no idea how spam actually works, if it was in fact a real person typing that or if it was some sort of automated thing. I’m not meaning to have this post be in opposition to whomever wrote that comment, if it was a real person!!)

The reason I am mentioning this is that today I have been wondering if this really is a relevant, meaningful enough subject. I mean, just sharing gratitude for the good I’ve seen and the experiences I’ve learned from? Am I just wasting people’s time?

As you might expect, the answer that came was an emphatic assurance that sharing this gratitude is a great thing to do. The assurance came in several ways.

One was when I had the opportunity to tell my wife something I was grateful for about her; I was so inspired by seeing her smile and joy at hearing this gratitude. Gratitude is never wasted! In fact, far more than being just a rote verbalization of nice things, gratitude is the acknowledgment of present good. We’re promised in the Bible, in Proverbs, that as we “acknowledge Him…He shall direct thy paths.” (3:6) Now, I don’t see this as being an either / or statement – a conditional promise of being guided if we do the right thing. Rather, this reveals that as we acknowledge God, we allow ourselves to see how we are being guided! As we acknowledge God, we allow ourselves to see where we truly are – safe forever, joyful forever, healthy forever, at one with our Father-Mother.

As I thought on this, I realized that this was already being manifested in my experience! I consistently tend to enjoy pretty happy days, but since I have been consciously taking moments to be very aware of my gratitude, and expressing it in this blog and verbally with others, I have felt so grounded in good. There’s a beautiful parable in Luke 6:47, 48 about the symbolism of building on a rock – someone who is consciously following Christ’s message has a secure foundation. But you have to know that rock is there! You have to know that the joy and peace of that steady foundation is a law, and isn’t just a lucky guess or a chance occurrence for you today, but maybe not tomorrow. That’s why gratitude is so important: it allows us to really recognize the presence and permanence of God.

Giving gratitude isn’t just some feel-good thing to do, or an act relegated to reciting only before dinner. Expressing gratitude is the acknowledgment, and the living, of the immediacy of good.

Enjoy this great day!

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