Hey! That’s not mine!

I’ve become aware that on some web browsers, advertisements show up at the bottom of my posts.  Sometimes the ads are a little silly, and sometimes they’re irrelevant, but one thing is the same for all of them: they’re not a part of my page.  I never signed up to have ads, and they have nothing to do with what this page is about.

Now, this post isn’t turning into a tech rant, or anything like that.  Although I’ll keep exploring what to do about the ads, I realized something really fundamental when considering this issue.  There could be a host of reasons why certain particular ads show up, or why I have ads at all.  But none of those reasons will actually provide any foundational justification for those ads being there.

Life obviously consists of more than webpages!  But how many times in your day does something try to come up and quietly attach itself to you?  Perhaps a suggestion to be frustrated with someone.  Or maybe you’ve been seeing the thousands of signs up at grocery stores about vaccinations, and started to feel a little fearful of some disease.  Or what about the popular one these days, of blaming the government or some political party or person for all that is wrong in our lives.

Do any of these suggestions actually carry any weight?  Do any of them deserve to be there?


The only thing that comes along with you is….you.  All that you’re made up of, and all you ever could have, is the emanation of God.  Think about it – if God is all, and God is good, then where is there room for anything else?

We’ve got a great, enduring promise of who man is and his relation to God, in the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible.  We’ve got records of healings throughout the Old and New Testament which speak to the power of recognizing man’s unity with God.  We’ve got thousands of records of healings today, realized through a clearer understanding of man’s oneness with God as His beloved idea.

The fact is, God IS good and is everpresent.  So there simply is no justification for anything other than goodness.  Yes, we’re all certainly discovering for ourselves, in our own ways and words, the truth of this.  But just as the science of aerodynamics has always existed, but we needed to learn how to access it more and more efficiently, so too, the truth of God’s goodness is the infinite fact of being, and we have the opportunity to understand and live that truth more and more clearly.

So, while I figure out how to stop these ads from appearing (if I can!), will you join me in un-accepting anything which has no place in your day?  Anything that would limit you, or anyone, has no place in your life.

This is a great day to enjoy your freedom!  I hope you’ll enjoy this video of a young man sharing his testimony of freedom.  Accidents are no more justifiable than any other false label of limitation!

Enjoy this beautiful day 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hey! That’s not mine!

  1. Dear Jonnie
    Your reference to aerodynamics, reminded me so clearly of my Sunday School teaching days. I used to tell the class that the laws of aerodynamics existed in the time of Jesus, in fact back into all time. They were exactly as the law stands today.
    It was only a question of descovering these laws, just in the same way that Mrs Eddy did not invent but descover the Science of the Christ.
    Thank you for your invitation to un-accept anything that has no place in my day.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts, David! Isn’t it great to know that that law is unchangeable and infinite Love?! I’m glad you enjoyed using that example with your Sunday School class.

    Enjoy this great day of only accepting what’s yours, my friend.

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