Is it ever too late to start?

I’ve been writing recently about just getting up and sharing – just letting your light shine, no matter what.

But where can we start?

Say you got halfway through the day, and you suddenly realize you haven’t been sharing as broadly as you might have liked, or for whatever reason, this just doesn’t seem like the day to give.  It’s probably too late to start now, right?  Maybe you’ll just save up for tomorrow.

Or!  What if you just did one fresh thing, gave in one new way, acted gracefully in one tricky situation?  Sometimes, I know that I’m not giving, or not fully embracing this present moment, because it just doesn’t seem like a meaningful enough place to start.  I sometimes catch myself ‘saving up’ for some future big moment to share.  But why would there be a moment, a space of creation, where even doing one good thing wouldn’t be enough?

I really enjoy the message of God’s love which is found throughout the Bible.  I love how there are themes and verses and stories that stick with me and come to thought at the perfect time.  The verse that’s been my theme for these past several days, thinking about giving and sharing, has been the verse, “Sing unto the Lord a new song!”  How deep can I go with that?  A new song for every week?  For every day?  Could I possibly sing a new song every moment?

One thing I know for sure is that judging one moment or another as ‘not the perfect moment for giving’ will certainly not enable me to learn if I can sing a new song to God.  I love the active nature of that verse – it doesn’t say “Think about singing a new song,” or “Make sure you have the rhymes and rhythm correct before singing your new song.”  No, just belt it out – or whisper, I’m not sure it matters – as long as you’re singing.

That’s been my project these past couple days, and will continue to be so for at least a little while longer – to practice just diving in to singing that new song.  Would you like to join me this practice?  I’d love to hear about it!

I hope you’ll enjoy this video Matt Vaughan made, sharing his discovery of how absolutely nothing could stop him from singing a new song.  His words at the end are a great reminder of our ability to start anywhere.  Enjoy!  And sing your song!

4 thoughts on “Is it ever too late to start?

  1. This video certainly shows you can set out to do something if you don’t recognize any “limitations”! Thanks for posting this!

    1. You’re welcome, Dave! I’m glad you enjoyed it. You may also enjoy checking out Matt’s brother, Ben, singing some songs inspired by the Sermon on the Mount. They’re found on, under the Weekly Musician page, and here are the direct links: Salt and Light & The Poor in Spirit

    1. I think that’s probably true for many, if not all! I’ve really loved the Bible passage, ‘Perfect love casteth out fear’ because it tells me that that divine Love, ever present, has already cast out fear! We get to recognize what God has already done, instead of thinking we have to ‘start’ on our own. Brings such a sense of security and comfort to our day. How have you gotten over those times of excuses or fear?

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