Always let your light shine!

Before yesterday, I haven’t posted anything here for a month.  I thought I had good reasons for not posting – busy with other work, not anything really new to say – and I was sure I’d post soon, when something really massive hit me.

But then I posted yesterday, just sharing a little lesson I learned from my kitten, and I loved it.  I loved the feeling of sharing, of just letting light shine without worrying if it was big enough, or relevant enough, or ‘right’ enough.  Then today, I watched this video a friend had shared on Facebook, and I loved it.


It actually inspired me to uplift my thought about social media as a whole, as well as simply making me smile to see the inspiration and art in their music.  And the best part is, that the joy of that sharing has really stayed with me.

The neat thing about that kind of joy is that it overwhelms you.  There’s just no room for anything else – even the fear that joy could leave.  When you’re wrapped up in giving joy, and letting yourself bask in that joy, that’s all there is.

Is that a limited thing, though?  Is that joy dependent on others liking what I shared, their feedback, or anything outside of my own self, my own thought?  Are there times when I can’t give joy?

It sure seems like it, sometimes.

But what if I tried, anyway?  What if I stood up and said, “Today, too, I will give.  Today I will not ride on the joy of yesterday or the hopes of tomorrow.  Today, too, I will shine.”

Can anything stop us from shining?  I don’t believe so – but the only way we’ll find out is if we try.

Will you join me in sharing, shining, every day?  In making the conscious, specific effort to share something – anything! – and not letting any excuses stop us?  Whatever it is we want to know and see in our lives must be lived – we can’t just sit and wait for it to come to us.

If I’m waiting for some good to come to me, that means I don’t already have all good.  If I live, giving, without thought for losing anything – pride, popularity, substance – then I’m choosing to accept that I do have all good!

Nothing can hold you back, either.  I’d love to hear how you’re living, giving!

2 thoughts on “Always let your light shine!

  1. Thanks so much for your comment, Jacobus! I’m glad you appreciated this. Thank you for all YOU give!!

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