What does my good depend on?

This morning I was especially struck by something which is actually quite common in our house.  I was just reading quietly in my office, when little Chewbacca the kitten came strutting in, lay down, and started purring.  Chewbacca has a very special purr, in that it sounds like a jet engine – if he’s happy, everyone knows about it.

But why was he purring?  He’s been in our family for several months now, so it’s not like there was anything particularly special and new in his life.  I wasn’t even petting him – all I did was look at him and say hello, and on turns the jet engine.  Chewbacca does this a lot, too.  Whether it’s raining, snowing, sunning, or some combination of the three, no matter what’s going on, he plops down and starts to purr.




Maybe, I thought, he’s just happy.  Happy without a reason – or rather, happy within ALL the reasons, but not picking one out specially.  Maybe he’s just happy to be in the presence of others who love him – happy in the presence of love.

This got me thinking about if this is something I could do, too.  How many times do I pick out the things going on around me, and somehow or other end up deciding that this is a good day, or afternoon, to be happy – but if this thing happens, then it all goes out the window.  Essentially, I realized that I was letting my happiness be conditional.  And if my happiness is conditional, then why couldn’t my health, or my finances, or my relationships, be conditional too?  I’ve learned that if you accept a limit or conditional aspect into your life, it’s an easy path till everything is conditional and limited.

Could I, instead, be like Chewbacca, and just be happy because I am in the presence of love?  Just like Chewbacca knows he’s loved because that’s the way home is, can I take my sense of home with everywhere, no matter what is going on around me?  There’s a beautiful hymn I love, which includes the words “Home is the consciousness of good.” (Home, by Rosemary Cobham)  Well, I certainly carry my consciousness with me everywhere – and why shouldn’t that always be filled with good?  Why shouldn’t I be able to cherish and revel in good today?

Come to think of it – why shouldn’t you be able to revel in – and even better, trust, the presence of good, right now, for you too?  What could get in to your home – your consciousness – and take away anything?

Want to join Chewbacca and I in purring today?  Maybe yours won’t sound like a revving engine, but I’m sure we can all find our own ways to share our joy.  I’d love to hear how you lived in your home of joy today!

2 thoughts on “What does my good depend on?

  1. Thanks for re-posting this to your blog, Lindsey! It’s so nice to be included in your thoughtful, healing messages.

    If anyone hasn’t visited her site, it’s at lindseybiggs.com – I know you’ll love her inspiring and artistic posts.

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