Is God more powerful than a calendar?

I’m headed off tomorrow to spend the Christmas holiday with family!  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to gather, share, give, and rejoice together.

Often, though, this time of year seems to bring a lot of baggage along with it.  Stress, anxiety, perfectionism, depression…the list can get pretty long!  Could this be because this is the ONE time of year when you’ll see your family – or, maybe they’re not coming after all, and who knows when you’ll see them next?  This is that ONE special time, when your husband or wife is supposed to do everything just right – and they didn’t!  There’s even getting frustrated, about people getting frustrated!  What a chorus of despair!

But, you know, all those stresses are simply rooted in the suggestion that Christmas – and, more importantly, that lovely Christmas spirit of giving, joy, and healing – is only around once a year, and we don’t want to miss it.  That same fear could appear about any number of situations: a wedding day, graduation, a job interview…and each time, all the fears seem so justified and so REAL.

What if that Christmas spirit – the awareness of the presence of the Christ, God’s message of love to His beloved child, man and woman – was ever-present?  What if God didn’t need December 25, or May 20, or your birthday, or retirement age, to show you how loved you are?  Is God more powerful than a calendar?

Well, yes!  Of course!  And once we admit that – that goodness itself is infinitely more powerful than a gridded sheet of paper with numbers and months on it – it’s nothing but an ever-brightening path to realize that NOTHING can prevent us from rejoicing in the presence of Christ. This Christ-presence awakens us, reveals healing, and assures us that nothing will ever separate us from the love of God.

I love this song as an illustration of the tender, consistent presence of our dear Father-Mother, God.

Enjoy this wonderful gift of a day!

4 thoughts on “Is God more powerful than a calendar?

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes, I love that God’s work is forever – and we can always rejoice in it! Thanks for taking the time to read, and you have a wonderful Christmas as well.

  1. I especially appreciate your comments about stress, because while mortal mind would have us believe that the run-up to Christmas can be a source of stress, actually it is a time that we can express love and exercise giving. Easy enough to say, right?? But, we can pray and put it into practice and experience joy instead of stress.

    1. Absolutely, Dave. There’s never a reason that we have to accept stress (or any unGodlike quality) as a fact of our day. Christmas is such a great time to remember that fact – and isn’t it great that we have this opportunity to share with others how stress (or illness, or depression) was never given to us in the first place. We only get what we’ve been given from God!

      Have a wonderful, very merry Christmas – every day!

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