Where can we go from here?

There is no DEADline – only a LIFEline! We are not rushing towards a certain or uncertain doom. We are here and now wrapped in Love. Where can we go from here? Only into life!

Life, God, is expressed consistently and clearly, and never deteriorates into His unlikeness, death or doom. Knowing that there is only this lifeline, we can confidently kneel HERE, love God HERE, trust Her eternal nature as Truth, Love, Spirit.

God is I AM. He is not “I’m becoming” or “I will be.” I AM is here, right here with you. Forever, I AM is Life. I AM never dies away, never becomes “I was” or “I couldn’t.” It’s an eternal statement of being – forever manifest, harmoniously, clearly, efficiently.

The expression of that being reflects all of that nature, exclusively. And who is the expression of that being, of God, good?


God is Cause, the one Creator – and where there’s cause, there must be effect. That effect is you – not subject to time, heredity, circumstance, or even other folks. There is an immediate effect from cause, and when that cause is all good, everpresent God, Love, what do you think can be the nature of the effect?

Not only are you deeply loved, you are the effect of Love itself.

2 thoughts on “Where can we go from here?

  1. Thank you, John. I try to remember that God is I AM, right now, right where I am, – Forever. This helps – especially when faced with a challenge.

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