Good morning!

Over the summer, I worked for 2 weeks at a Christian Science camp in southern Missouri, CedarS CampS.  As a practitioner, I worked every day to support the camp: activities, children, staff, weather, animals – every aspect of camp (just like every aspect of every day) is a cherished idea of God and it was a joy to work there and witness the good.  Every morning, during the second week of camp, I gave a short talk to help start off the day for all the campers, staff, and parent helpers.  These “morning metaphysicals” were recorded and archived on the webpage of the camp, and I’d like to share the talks I gave through this blog.  Throughout the coming weeks, I’ll post new links to each of those 6 talks I gave.

On the first Monday I worked, I gave this talk about how I’ve thought about having a good day:

Monday morning talk

One thing I’ve truly loved about my study of Christian Science is that this isn’t fluffy stuff.  Experiencing a good day isn’t unimportant, and it isn’t a “maybe, maybe not” part of God’s plan for you.  Within the eternal rejoicing God has in you, we also have health, security, value, completion.  And, not only do we get to experience this good for ourselves, but we can also be a part of the good for others!  All of God’s ideas (women, men, children, animals, the environment, employment…) coexist harmoniously, subject only to our Father-Mother, God.  As we grow in our understanding of this inherent harmony, we also see that anything that doesn’t fit, such as sickness, sin, or any lack, must be only a suppositional imposition on our true nature.  As I mentioned in my morning talk, we can “rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.” (KJV Luke 10:20)  Our whole nature and being is fully defined in heaven, which is the present reality.

If you’d like to check out the whole summer’s worth of morning practitioner talks, you can check out this page:

CedarS CampS audio archive

Have a wonderful day!

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