Who’s life is it?

The other day, I was walking my dog Laya in the morning, grateful for the quietness on Overturf Butte, and just enjoying going over my blessings. At one point, I stood at the old ranger station site, from which I can see the range from Mt. Bachelor to the Three Sisters, and told Laya that I was just so grateful for all the good in my life!

On the walk back home, I started thinking about this more. More specifically, I thought more about the way I phrased this. “I’m so grateful for the good in MY life.” Well, sure, this is a great sentiment – in the United States, we have a whole holiday devoted to gratitude! So the question isn’t about gratitude, but about the concept of “my life.” Do I own this life? Am I responsible for the good in it? If so, then I sure have to keep on track or else the good could go away. And if I’m not responsible for it, how can I rely on it? Oh dear.

After going on like this for a little bit, I remembered to stop, be quiet, and listen for what God had to say. God is always speaking to His children, including you and me, and it’s good to express humility and take the time to stop and really listen to God. Sure enough, the answer to settle my disquieted thought was right there: “It’s MY life.”

That was the most fantastic answer. It felt so good, so right, to be grateful for all the good in GOD’S life! I don’t have some separate little life of my own, containing this much good, sometimes more, sometimes less. God didn’t make me, and then send me off on my own to try and get back to Him. I don’t have responsibility for the good; God does. I just get to witness it, express it, love it. I realized that by acknowledging God as my life, I inherently do away with any belief that would try to say I’m separate from Him. Since any claim of sickness, poverty, restlessness, apathy, or disaster is really just a claim of being separate from God, it’s truly a healing to understand my oneness with God, Life.

Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, has given 7 synonyms for God, all Biblically based. Life is one of these synonyms. I had often used to look at these synonyms as slices of the pie, as aspects or portions of God’s nature. Now, with this morning’s realizations, I saw a much fuller view of this. Life is not one aspect of God. God IS Life. All of God, not just one part. So, if all of God is Life, and I am the expression of God, then I must be the expression of Life! Since life is not my own creation or my own, limited possession, but is the expression of God, Life, I am always able to recognize and utilize God’s goodness and love – and you are too! That’s what’s so great about God being Life, is that EVERYONE can live confidently with the surety that their life is the expression of infinite Life, and not some self-created, random event.

Because God gives all, freely and without reservation, I can so confidently and joyfully be grateful for all that Life gives. This is a foundation for healing, that life is always an expression of infinite Life, God, good, Love, and we can always experience health, harmony, vitality, and joy. God, I’m just so grateful for all the good in Your Life!

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