Life Preservers, or Vision Clearers?

Good thoughts are great, right?! They can be wonderful little life preservers, saving you in the midst of a seeming ocean of troubles…but wait, that’s actually not so great, is it? When we seem to be completely surrounded with challenges, we don’t just want one life preserver, or two, or even twenty. We want a plane to come pick us up out of the water and take us home! And how in the world can even the best thought be big enough to fly us home, out of that wild open ocean?

These were the images that flashed through my head as I was thinking today about how much I love those little good thoughts. You know, those lovely little flashes of inspiration or even just a brilliant sunrise. And all of a sudden, this temptation came flooding in, tempting me to think that good thoughts and angel messages AREN’T helpful, because there’s no way they can overpower the huge sea of troubles we sometimes feel around us. And it’s an easy step to go from there, to thinking that ANY good, healing thought, is not the truth at all, but is just a little feel-good, blinders-on mental game.

Thankfully, Christian Science has taught me that temptations like this – to doubt the presence, power, and efficacy of God’s word – have no basis in truth. They are illusions, trying to distract from the work to be done, or trying to make me doubt the healing in the public healing practice of Christian Science. It was wonderfully ironic; what pulled me out of this line of tempting, darkening thought was a quiet angel message, one of those loving thoughts I was being tempted to doubt in the first place.

It showed me that my thought process had been off from the beginning. Angel messages aren’t life preservers, small things against a wild ocean, trying to help me battle it out. Angel messages show me that the storm, that metaphorical ocean itself, was the lie. It’s like I was wearing dirty glasses that distorted the view, and the angel messages help clean off the lens so I can see properly.

Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, defines angels as “God’s thought passing to man” (Science and Health, page 581, line 4). God doesn’t know anything unlike Himself – He only knows good. These angel messages, then, are telling me of the truth which has nothing to do with the illusion of turmoil, sickness, or fear. They actually lift me out of the belief of turmoil and don’t require certain formulas to get me out of certain messes. God’s love clears my sight, shows me how to awaken into a nearer and clearer sense of His love, His omnipresence, and this knowledge brings healing. It brings healing through the clearer understanding of who we truly are. We get to clear up the sight that seems to be telling us we are hurting, and shows us that as God’s beloved children, we aren’t made to even be able to hurt.

We don’t truly need a life preserver, because we’ve never truly been separated from our Father-Mother in the first place. How wonderful to know that God’s angel messages are telling us, moment by moment, of who we truly are, instead of trying to rescue us from real hardship. As God’s children, we have never once been out of His care, and the dawning realization of this eternal fact brings healing to all aspects of our lives.

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