Good…and evil?

Out of the mouth of the most High proceedeth not evil and good?
Lamentations 3:38 KJV

This is a question that many folks think about, whether in broad, thematic religious terms or in just the quiet wish that we had something that our neighbors had. It is the question motivating envy and dissatisfaction, and supporting beliefs in sickness, sin, and death. The problem is that many seem to believe that this question is answered in the affirmative, that God DOES send good and evil. Thus, it’s only right that some should have more and others less, that some should be blessed in employment, others in relationships, and others in nothing at all.

What a lie that is!

Right after reading this verse, and realizing what an impact this belief has on our experience of the world, I knew I had to dig deeper. After researching this verse with my Bible study program on my computer, I found that the original Hebrew word which is translated as ‘mouth’ in this passage stems from a root word meaning shattered and broken into pieces. Likewise, the root Hebrew word behind ‘evil’ in this passage includes “to break or shatter” in it’s definition. I therefore saw that the lie that God gives good to some and evil to others stems from the belief that God’s word could be broken or shattered in the first place.

I’ve learned in Christian Science that God is truly good, and being omnipresent, there is nothing apart from His good in reality. The Gospel of John starts with, “In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” God’s word (Her law, Her love, Her comfort – the Christ) was all that was in the beginning, and therefore how could anything else spring out of nowhere? The only thing that could seem to separate us from Her good, therefore, would be a lie that God’s word can be broken. But God, in infinite wisdom and love, wouldn’t make a law that could break, or a circumstance in which Her law could be broken.

Along with this, since God’s word can never be broken or shattered, unity must also be the law of our day-to-day experience. The truth is, God HAS given all good, all health, all supply to Her children, and we can never be separated from this great love. God’s word cannot be broken. And we can live confidently, happily knowing that God’s law is intact and always will be so!

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