Busy day ahead? Let God guide.

This morning, I was feeling a little chaotic about all the things that I’m aware of that need to be done today. I sat down at my desk, all set to pray about it, and suddenly I could feel panic rising up in me, expressed both mentally and physically. Very quietly, something in my head tried to justify this, reminding me that in the past I have had challenges with panic attacks and blowing things out of proportion, resulting in intense physical distress. I was about to start looking up quotations about panic from the Science and Health and the Bible, two books I study to learn more about God’s unbroken, loving relationship with His children. This is something I do often to support my healing practice, but all of a sudden I realized that I was approaching this from the wrong standpoint. I had declared that this was a bad, rushed day, and now I wanted God to help me deal with it.

In Christian Science, I’ve learned that it’s so important to start off on the right foot. Panic is certainly not an outcome of God, Love, and therefore it cannot exist. I could deny it emphatically, confidently, now. I didn’t need to wade through any length of time dealing with a real problem – I could declare what is true about me and this day, and move forward happily.

After a moment of silent prayer, I decided to just write down a list of what it was I needed to do today. Seemed like a busy day, indeed! But I didn’t stop there. After writing the whole list, I then wrote down spiritual truths about each activity. I wanted to demonstrate for myself that these activities were NOT any possible cause for stress, because they were God-centered, spiritual activities at heart. For instance, under “Grocery shopping,” I wrote, “This is gratitude to the suppliers, vendors and salespeople for collecting all these foods in one convenient place. It’s also an avenue for continuing to express warmth to each other and others who we may have over for meals.” Two very simple ideas, and certainly not the end-all of the good involved in food and groceries, but this shined the light on the spiritual nature of this activity and made it clear to me that nothing involved with these ideas could possibly cause stress, fear, panic, or rush. I did this with all the activities I listed. After looking my whole list over, it was so clear that this is GOD’S day! Not my day, not a limited day or even a humanly good day. This is God’s day, filled with all that He is, filled with opportunities for expressing and loving Him.

I had started my list with the title, “Things I need to do today.” Simple, straightforward, and certainly nothing wrong with that! However, after spiritualizing all the activities in the day, I saw that I wanted to start off differently, too. So this is how I edited it and am now starting off my “To-Do List.”

This is God’s day – everything truly in it reflects Him, and is His idea. He is ALL in ALL His ideas. There is no little bit of God, good. All is His infinite manifestation. Thank you for this glorious, perfect day. I only need to turn to God to find out anything about this day and all that is in it. Anything in this day is first in God and never departing from God. Thank you Father for YOUR Heaven.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to witness and demonstrate that God loves us so much. Nothing – not even a seemingly overwhelming task list – can get in the way of God communicating with His children, loving all of us so clearly. I’m so glad I stopped to listen!

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